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Discover the best MMA Training near Chatswood

Prodigy MMA offers the best trainers, the best facilities, and the best prices in Kickboxing and MMA to Chatswood students. We specialise in the combat-tested martial arts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing. These styles have wowed audiences since they stepped into the UFC spotlight, putting traditional sport-combat and martial arts to shame. Together they cover every situation you could possibly find yourself in. From standing up to down on the floor, you will be ready for anything.

We are proud to bring Prodigy MMA to Chatswood students. Our MMA program combines the best of both styles into one hardcore, sweat-producing package. We use conditioning, drills and sparring to get you into the best shape of your life, while teaching skills that will save you in the ring and on the street. Our practical approach won’t have you punching and kicking the air but practicing against a live partner, so you will know immediately that this stuff works.

MMA is what we live for, and we provide the best experience possible with great atmosphere, convenience, quality facilities, quality instructors, and exceptional value. Our Artarmon facility has everything you need, from pads and mats to weights and bags. As a student you have full access to use this gym without supervision – no other Chatswood MMA gym will offer that. Burning calories fast has never been easier.