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MMA North Sydney

Where You Want To Train MMA in North Sydney Is At Prodigy MMA

There are plenty of people looking to train in MMA in North Sydney. They should be training at Prodigy MMA. The best facility with the best trainers at the best prices can be found at Prodigy MMA. Members have access to the gym even out of hours to train and complement their class work. If it is needed for MMA, you will find it in Prodigy MMA gyms. There are padded floors, padded walls, a boxing ring, pads, and much, much more in each of the two locations – Artarmon and Brookvale. If you want to train in MMA, choose the best school in the area.

Current students say that the atmosphere at the school is the big reason they choose to remain training at Prodigy MMA. The instructors are phenomenal and have years of experience in teaching several different disciplines of the martial arts. Students can take courses in Muay Thai kickboxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and mixed martial arts. There are kids and teen classes in jiu jitsu as well as boxing training and strength and conditioning training. With over 40 classes each week at the two locations, there is something for everyone.

At Prodigy MMA in North Sydney, students can choose what classes they want to attend. There is tremendous flexibility so that you could take jiu jitsu classes and Muay Thai classes if you wanted. If you want to train with top-notch instructors at an up-to-date facility, choose Prodigy MMA. To learn more or to join today, visit