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Want to compete in the cage ? You want to train at Prodigy MMA
Want to get fit and learn excellent self defence skills ? You want to train at Prodigy MMA
Want to workout where its always interesting, fun and your progress is the number one focus of your coach ? You want to train at Prodigy MMA

We offer quality Martial Arts training at all of our locations with experienced instructors and excellent facilities.
We ensure that you have fun, work hard and enjoy your training.
Our classes include Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Muay Thai Kickboxing at Brookvale and Artarmon in Sydney, Australia.
Whatever shape you are in we can get you fit, trim and improve your self defence skills

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Why choose us

We believe in what we do and we believe we offer an exceptional training environment.
Make sure you choose a school that cares about you, has credibility, experience and the right ethics.

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Tick Atmosphere:   Our students stay with us for years due to the atmosphere we create. We have fun teaching and this shows up in you having fun training
Tick Experience:   Our instructors all have years of experience in a variety of martial arts, ensuring you are in good hands. There is over 60 years combined experience in just our main coaches
Tick Facilities:   If it's needed for quality MMA training we have it. Padded floors, walls, cage panels, boxing ring, kick shields, pads, strength and conditioning equipment. We have it all
Tick Gym Access:   We offer our students access to the gym out of hours to complement classes and work on their fitness
Tick Value for Money:   Our memberships are exceptional value for money , check out our pricing page
Tick Variety:   With two locations and about 40 classes per week we should have something to suit you
Tick Flexibility:   Your membership entitles you to attend any class, not just one style
Tick Covenience:   There is no need to pre book into a class, simply show up. If you miss a class make it up later
Tick Students First:   Our focus is always on you, we keep our class sizes small (generally under 16 students) to ensure you receive one on one time with the instructor.
Tick Train Safe:   Our instructors are diligent in ensuring your safety, while drilling techniques and also while sparring or rolling. Our kids instructors have all passed police and dept of community services checks. If there is a drill you dont want to do, or someone you dont want to train with you dont have to. Work at your own pace to your own capabilites. Students who cannot control themselves are asked to leave
Tick Minimal Committment:   Our membership contracts are short term
Tick Friendly:   Our staff and other students are all friendly and will take time to ensure you are comfortable with your training.
Tick Easy Access:   Our schools have easy parking, either onsite or straight out the front of the gym. We are also close to bus stops and train lines
Tick Instructor Variety:   We have specialists across all disciplines who can take you from beginner to professional fighter
Tick Passion for MMA:   We do this because we love it and it shows in our students passion as well
Tick Structure:   We have formal gradings across all class types so you can measure your improvement. Our syllabus is regularly reviewed to keep pace with new techniques
Tick Student Support:   We are available if you just want to chat about training, you are welcome to ask us about different techniques during class and we provide free instructional videos for our students
Tick Cost Effective:   Got your own gi, you are more than welcome to wear it, got your own gloves, bring them in
Tick Relaxed Atmosphere:   Got a good joke, let us know. Got a technique you want covered, just ask
Tick Camaraderie:   We know all our students by name and encourage you to socialise with the club and fellow students

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Prodigy MMA - 65 Dickson Ave Artarmon
Prodigy MMA - Units L & M, 134 Old Pittwater Rd Brookvale

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