Keeping up with the gym

Hi Guys,

We have moved our day to day gym updates to our facebook page, please check them out here

Don't forget to check out our news section which has the major events in it

May 2015 update

Hi Guys,

We have a few things to announce so please read below:

Open mat
The open mat at Artarmon is back on and St John is keen to show off all his fancy moves he learnt overseas, Come along and see what all the fuss is about.
This is one of the best ways to get really really good really really quickly.
If you don't want to roll for the full hour come along and drill some techniques

BJJ class at Artarmon is moving time
Our resident takedown specialist Warren has moved his class from Tuesday nights to Thursday nights at 7pm. Its not all throws and is now run as a standard BJJ lesson with a few throws added for fun
Come along and give it a go. The online timetable will be updated when I get a chance

Urban fight night
We are pleased to put forward 4 of our fighters for this card in June
St John and Tom from Artarmon, Harry and Ivan from Brookvale will all be competing and we are sure they will do us proud. Do your bit to help them out by pushing them in training so they can perform at their best
Make sure you buy tickets, its a well run show and its a great opportunity to support the local MMA scene

New prices
We are changing our fees slightly, Please check the prices page for the new prices. These will come in progressively from 1st June
Adults basic - was $16.50 per week now $17
Adults twice/week was $26 per week now $27
Adults three/week was $31 per week now $33
Adults unlimited was $35 per week now $37
Kids basic was $13 per week now $14
Kids twice/week was $22.50 per week now $24
As you can see most of the increases are a dollar or so and help us keep the gym running. If you want the fees kept low bring a friend, the more members we have the cheaper we can keep the fees.

Grading Results May 2015
We had a heap of people grade over the last week and its great to see the level of skill in the gym improving. Notable grades were Ivan and Harry from Brookvale receiving their blue belts

New article on injury prevention
Dylan has written a new article on injury prevention, have a read of it here
Get in touch with him for specific plans for your situation, we can pass on his details as required.

That's all for now, keep training and remember the gym is only as good as its students so keep showing up to training and bring your friends (or even random people you meet at the supermarket

Urban Fight Night 2 results

Hi Guys,

Harry and Ivan from our Brookvale gym competed last night at Urban Fight NIght 2 at Granville. Despite excellent efforts from both fighters the fights all went to decisions which weren't in our favour. Harry and Ivan were both on weight, in great shape, fought well and did everything their coaches asked for them, Harrys opponent walks around at 90kg and was fighting at 76kg and Ivans opponent had around 10-12kg on him as well and this was a significant factor in the fight, the guys certainly displayed courage and great levels of skill and the main lesson for us moving forward is to look at what weights we compete at as 14kg is a lot of weight to drop for an amateur fight.

Our thanks also go to the promoter Australian Top Team who filled the room with an enthusiastic crowd and ran the show well, I am sure we will be back fighting on one of these cards soon

Urban Fight Night - April 19th

Hi Guys,
As you know we have Harry and Ivan scheduled to fight on Sun April 19th on the Urban Fight Night card , Harrys opponent has been forced to pull out due to hamstring injury , fortunately the organizer has been able to source a new opponent in Sonny Teokotai.
Get online and buy some tickets and come along and support grassroots MMA and your gym, they are only $65 and include a free hug from Darko
Best of luck to Harry and Ivan, training has been going really well for them and they are proving to be a real handful for their training partners so should do really well.

Awesome ISKA March 2015 results

Prodigy MMA really stepped up at the recent ISKA comp with people competing in a variety of disciplines and many coming away with medals

Gold - Richards Fitzgerald BJJ
Gold - Michaell Drake - Combat grappling
Gold - Lon Pankration
Gold - Damien Pankration
Silver - Luke Vandermeer BJJ
Silver - Tristan knights BJJ
Bronze - Rowan knights BJJ
Bronze - Rish Pankration

All these medals are the result of hard work, focus and the sum efforts of all their training partners. They are all a credit to the gym, as is anyone who worked with them to get them ready. On behalf of the coaching staff "You rock"

Next event is Harry and Ivan at the urban fight night coming up in a couple of weeks

Training during the holiday season

Hi Guys,
Dylan has put together a very timely article for us all on training during the holiday season

its available here


New year needs a new timetable

Hi Guys,

We have reworked our timetables for both gyms with the bulk of the changes being at Brookvale. Instead of just offering MMA at 6pm we now offer Thai Boxing and BJJ as well. We expect to also add a few new classes reasonably early in the year once we sort out the trainers schedules.

This will take affect from Jan 2nd 2015

Dan Severn Seminar

Hi Guys,

As you probably know we hosted a seminar by MMA legend Dan Severn this week and it was amongst the best seminars I have been to, his knowledge of the fight game including training and fighting smart are unparalleled. He is also an exceptionally approachable and generous individual and kept everyone entertained with a plethora of war stories. He still also rocks the moustache.

We have a couple of group photos I will put up over the weekend and hopefully we can book him in again next year. Thanks to Gareth from MMA Seminar's for organising the trip.

Timetable changes for new year

Hi Guys,

We are making some timetable changes to start the new year, these will be posted online soon. Please keep an eye out for them as the changes to Brookvale are significant. Christie is not available next year due to other commitments so we are having to shuffle some classes around. We will also be offering Thai and BJJ at 6pm for those who prefer the earlier timeslot

Christmas Shutdown

We will be shut 25th December back training the 2nd Jan. There will probably be an open mat session somewhere in the middle, keep an eye on our facebook page for details