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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any more membership options ?

Yes, We offer membership the following membership options

1 lesson per week

2 lessons per week 

3 lessons per week 

Unlimited lessons per week 

Each of these is limited to a specific number of sessions per week. The price per class gets cheaper on the higher options. For example training twice a day on the unlimited plan is around $4 per lesson.

If you are a shift worker, fly in fly out worker or have some other constraints please contact us. We can generally work something out. 

We also offer pre paid 6 and 12 month membership which offer a discount over standard rates

Please contact us for details on any of the above membership types

Can I access the gym to do my own training ?

Yes, We offer after hours access to our members for an additional fee. Please refer to the pricing page. This allows you to train at your leisure from 7am to 9pm 7 days a week. 

This includes use of our strength and conditioning equipment and all other facilities. NB if a class is running at the time they have first choice over equipment, mat space and other facilities.

How long are your contracts for ?

We offer two types of contracts.

One is a month to month which you can cancel on 28 days notice at any time. The rate for this is generally a bit more than the 12 month contract however its great if you are just starting out and not sure if you can commit to a longer term. It also suits travellers or people only in the area for a short time.

The other contract is a 12 month contract. We offer a reduced rate if you agree to train and pay for a full 12 month period. At the end of the contract term you can cancel if you like, or it simply continues at the discounted rate. During this time if you put your membership on hold you are still liable for the full 12 month payment. eg If you put a hold or pause on your membership for 1 month then you don't pay that month however you still need to make a total of 12 months payments.

All contracts require 28 days notice to vary, you can upgrade on a 12 month contract however you cannot downgrade on a 12 month contract. Monthly contracts you can vary as per the notice period.

Do you offer casual / one off sessions ?

Yes we do, these are strictly for visitors to the area and are not available on a regular basis.

Do you offer trial lessons ?

Yes we do, we offer free trial lessons to all prospective students. Simply arrive at the gym 10 - 15 minutes before class starts and your instructor will answer any questions you may have. Please refer to our getting started FAQ page for more details

How do I get started ?

To get started simply contact us to organise your free trial. 

Please arrive around 10-15 minutes before class starts, there is some paperwork to be completed.

If you are under 18 you will need your parent/guardian to sign the paperwork

Please ensure you are clean (eg, if you are a mechanic and covered in grease a shower might be appropriate)

Please remove all jewellery, hair gel and the like

Please wear clothes that dont have buttons/pockets if possible as fingers can get caught in these.

Please bring a mouthguard/gloves if you have them

Do you offer kids/teens/womens classes ?

yes we do, please check the timetables. Depending on the age/size/maturity of the teenager they may be better suited to the adult classes. Please check with your instructor.

Women are welcome to all adult classes and we find they are some of our most skilled and fit gym members. Come along and try a class to see for yourself

Are you very strict on behaviour ?

This question gets asked by a lot of traditional BJJ gym members.

We are pretty relaxed. There is no need to bow to us, we will not paint your fingernails pink if they are too long. If you have a question simply ask it during the lesson. 

We do ask that you are respectful of people you train with, for example if they ask you not to do a particular technique on them we expect you to be OK with this, they may be carrying an injury, old, tired, just dont feel like it, etc.

We are strict on safety , if someone taps or asks you to stop you need to stop immediately.

We are strict on hygiene, if your clothes need a wash before the lesson starts we will let you know. If you are sick please do not train, its not fair on others that you give them your cold/flu/black plague.


I am going away on holidays, can I stop my membership on a temporary basis ?

Yes you can, requests need to be in writing. You can complete a form in the gym or send us an email and we will pause your membership for the dates requested. NB strictly speaking this requires sufficient notice and cannot be retrospective. ie If you come back from a month break we cannot credit your membership.

What happens if I dont pay my fees ?

If its a one off event we simply ask you pay over the counter the next time you train. If you are a repeat offender we may ask you to pay in advance. If you simply stop paying without cancelling your membership you are still liable under our terms and conditions of trade. We certainly have exercised our legal options in the past chasing money including the use of debt recovery agencies at your expense and/or court if required. We can get nasty, we prefer not  to so please avoid any issues and pay on time. If you are suffering genuine hardship please come and talk to us so we can sort something out.

I think you have charged me more than you are entitled to ?

If there are billing/payment issues please come and talk to us first. If its an error on our part we will certainly provide a credit/refund if appropriate. If you simply complain to the bank it gets a lot more complex and we are far more likely to hand the matter to our solicitors which will be at your expense. Please come and talk to us, its a lot easier.

I dont like training with a particular individual, they are to rough/aggresive/sweaty/etc. What can I do ?

If you prefer not to work with a particular individual you are free to say no, if they persist please talk to your instructor who will sort it out 

Its an MMA gym, why dont you want people to train hard and be aggressive ?

There is a time and a place for high paced dynamic training. Not everyone in the gym is in their 20's and super fit. Most of our students dont want to compete, get hurt or be put through a lot of unnecessary pain. If you cannot control yourself you will be asked to tone it down. If you persist you will be asked to leave the gym.

We offer sparring sessions and students can also agree amongst themselves what pace to work at, whether any moves or techniques are restricted and the like. 

We want students to train smart, look after themselves and each other and ensure people want to come back.

Do you offer private/group lessons ?

Yes, please check directly with your coach for details including times and prices. Group lessons can be very cost effective, a group of 4 costs approx $20 per head for an hour session

Do I have to wear your Gi's, rash vests, etc or can I bring my own ?

We can certainly supply equipment for you at quite reasonable rates however plenty of our students purchase their own equipment outside of the gym. The only thing we ask is you put a Prodigy patch on your Gi


Come down and give us a try, its a lot of fun