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November 2019
We have decided to consolidate our locations to improve services to our students, as such the Brookvale gym is closing from 15/11/2019. The Brookvale gym has performed really well turning out multiple MMA and BJJ competitors including national champions. The team and students of Brookvale would like to thank Tim for his tireless support in working with our students turning many from untrained people to people with real skills, improved fitness and confidence.

Our Artarmon location will continue as-is so feel free to drop in an train with the same Prodigy regime you are used to.

May 2019
Its been a while since we posted here, since the last post Bruno has gone from strength to strength with a string of solid victories including fighting twice in one night for two wins. We are also expanding into Queanbeyan just outside Canberra at the YMCA to start with. Please check our timetables for opening and session times

March 2018
Douglas was due to make his kickboxing debut, unfortunately his opponent had some paperwork issues with the CSA and the fight was not permitted to proceed. Its painful but part of the game. We should be able to get him a new fight lined up pretty quickly

February 2018
Nathan wins his fight in dominant fashion at UFN 14, take a look at our facebook page for all the photos and details
Awesome performance

December 2017
The first weekend in December was a big one with students from Prodigy competing in the cage, in the boxing ring and in BJJ.
Bruno and Matt both won in the cage, Bruno by a big KO
Harry won his boxing debut against a guy with 15 amateur fights
We also scored multiple medals in both Gi and No Gi BJJ
Congrats to all

April 2017
Artarmon Grading - It was with much pleasure Damien was presented his black belt after 15 or so years of hard work. We also would like to welcome our new blue belts and congratulations to everyone else who graded. It was a great turn out and a credit to you all

Awesome results at Super Fight night
Bruno won his fight with solid body shots from mount resulting in a tap out from his opponent
Harry KO-ed his opponent with a beautiful hook and has now earned a shot at the Australian title in August

March 2017
Prodigy had five people competing on the UFN show at Liverpool. Matt's debut went by the textbook and he had one of the toughest guys I have seen who absorbed 50 or more solid body shots.
Harry had a good match with his opponent and won on points
Alistair was unfortunately caught with a TKO stoppage against a larger opponent
Bruno and Nathan just got outworked and lost on points

November 2016
Damien takes out three medals in the world Pankration championships in Italy.
Gold in grappling
Silver in self defence
Bronze in Pankration.
This is an amazing effort and the result of many many years of hard work. There are not to many gyms who can boast of this level of success.

We are extremely pleased to announce Terry won double gold at the ABJJF comp on the 5th November. Most people are unaware however Terry was advised at one stage in his life he would never walk or talk again.
To see him compete and win is extremely gratifying for the coaching staff and all the students of the gym, heartfelt congratulations from all

August 2016
Prodigy MMA is pleased to announce we are now the home of multiple national Pankration champions.
Damien took gold
Robin Silver
Bryan Silver

For those unaware Pankration is one of the earliest forms of MMA and is a great way to test the waters to see if you want to step into the cage in front of a crowd in a relatively safe way

July 2016 - Ivan Lazic takes state title in MMA
Ivan Lazic fought a hard 5 round fight at the recent Western Region Fight Night dominating all rounds, to his opponents credit he never gave up and was still defending right up to the bell. An excellent performance from Ivan and a thoroughly deserved victory.
Michael Drake stepped up for his first fight and unfortunately the fight was stopped with a cut over his eye. Both Michael and his opponent fought well and hopefully we can setup a rematch between them.

June 2016 - Competition results
Ivan is fighting for the lightweight title at Lithgow on July 20 along with Michael Drake. Come along and support them
Jamay is fighting on an amateur tournament at North Sydney Leagues Aug 30
Nick Lowe won silver in the state BJJ titles on the weekend, outstanding results for his first comp.

April 2016 - Urban Fight Night 7
St John wins his fight at UFN7 in dominant fashion via rear naked choke at around two minutes into the fight

April 2016 - Pankration and no gi grappling state championships
Very good results for Prodigy on the weekends pankration and no gi competition taking home 3 gold and 2 silver. Check out our facebook page for the details
Honorable mentions to George and James who's opponent was around 30kg heavier and in very good condition, an excellent display of spirit.

March 2016 - Urban fight night
Harry wins in just over a minute by rear naked choke.. This was an outstanding performance by Harry. Video footage is available via the urban fight night facebook page
Unfortunately Ivan's opponent had to pull out injured 24 hours before weigh ins and a replacement could not be found.

Jan 2016 - Welcome back
Welcome back everyone to 2016 , for those thinking of joining up now is the perfect time, its summer, we have a lot of new students starting and we have some new membership types so you can either pay a cheap rate if you commit to 12 months, or for those who cannot commit to a year we now have month to month memberships so you can try us out for a month, if you like it move to the cheaper rate.

Jan 2016 - Brookvale timetable updates
We have new classes starting at Brookvale including new conditioning and sparring sessions, check out the timetable section for details

Sambo Results
Prodigy competitors Robin and Chris did well at the Sambo tournament on the 28th November, placing 2nd and 3rd respectively. This is a great result as Sambo tournaments attract elite level wrestlers and judo black belts who can compete in the white belt division.

Two new classes for Brookvale
Due to demand we are adding two new classes on Tuesday nights at Brookvale. MMA at 7pm and Conditioning at 6pm, check the timetable for details

Prodigy welcomes two new brown belts
Prodigy MMA is pleased to announce the promotion of two of its instructors brown belt, Tim and Kurt have both been graded to brown belt by Darko over the weekend.
This is the end result of around 19 yrs work for Kurt (with large periods of sporadic training) and around 8-9 years for Tim who is on the mats 6 days a week ensuring you all get the best training possible.
A big thanks to Tim who has written the bulk of our syllabus to ensure there is a consistent and interesting syllabus for students to follow.
This syllabus is leaps and bounds ahead of any other gyms on the planet and ensures you have the a consistent, practical and effective approach to grappling.
One of the common failings we see in other gyms is once you receive your blue and maybe your purple there is little clear and consistent direction as how to progress, not so at Prodigy, its all up on the wall for you to read and ensures you are constantly expanding your game.

Urban Fight Night 3 results
It was an interesting run up to this event , St John was scheduled to fight and unfortunately tore his rotator cuff giving his mum some flowers , Michael Drake stepped up on very short notice to take a catch weight fight and then their opponent caught bronchitis so hopefully everything will be a bit smoother next time and everyone gets to fight. Thanks in particular to Michael for offering to take the fight on a week or twos notice.

Come fight night on a 17 fight card Ivan was the 7th fight and Harry the 14th. Both were well prepared and won their fights. Ivans was close and went to a decision with all three judges awarding a unanimous decision. Ivans opponent was a brown belt in BJJ from SPMA who are well regarded and turned out a well prepared fighter however the fight stayed standing and Ivan was able to out strike his opponent.

Harrys fight was against a good striker from boxing works however Harry was able to submit him via rear naked choke in the third round. A very impressive performance from Harry.

The main thing we as the coaching staff took away from the event is this. Our product is our students.
You guys.
We train you , motivate you and teach you all that we know.
This can take you so far , its also the hard work of every single student in the place that gets you over the line.
The student who shows someone a little trick that makes their game tighter
The student who cannot match your skill level but just gets in and has a go and ensures your cardio is up to speed
The student who just shows up, keeps training and gives you a hard time and makes you get better

Its really you guys who do the lions share of the work and for that we the coaching staff thank you. The fighters thank you and all of your peers thank you.
Its only as a group do we improve and it shows all the hard work is paying off with our team mates and friends proving their skills in the cage
Being able to compete against, and beat some of the much larger longer running schools is a credit to you all and to your coaches

I also want to single out Tim who spent countless hours of his own time working with Harry and Ivan, Dan, Logan and the other senior students who pushed them when they were tired and everyone who came along and screamed their head off. It all makes a difference.

September BJJ Gradings
Congratulations to everyone who graded this week, in particular Logan who received his Purple belt and Rowan, Tristam, Adam and Andrew who received their blues.

Urban fight night results
We had excellent results in the recent UFN2 promotion at Liverpool, Harry and Ivan won in dominant fashion, unfortunately St John got caught. Tom's opponent broke his thumb about 10 days out from the comp and we were unable to find a suitable replacement. Excellent efforts from all fighters and they are all keen to jump straight back into competition

New prices
We are changing our fees slightly, Please check the prices page for the new prices. These will come in progressively from 1st June

Grading Results May 2015
We had a heap of people grade over the last week and its great to see the level of skill in the gym improving. Notable grades were Ivan and Harry from Brookvale receiving their blue belts

New article on injury prevention
Dylan has written a new article on injury prevention, have a read of it here

ISKA March 2015 comp results
Another awesome set of comp results

Gold - Richards Fitzgerald BJJ
Gold - Michaell Drake - Combat grappling
Gold - Lon Pankration
Gold - Damien Pankration
Silver - Luke Vandermeer BJJ
Silver - Tristan knights BJJ
Bronze - Rowan knights BJJ
Bronze - Rish Pankration

Dan Severn Seminar
Prodigy MMA was proud to host MMA legend Dan Severn for a extensive and very well received seminar. If you ever get an opportunity to learn from him we suggest you jump at it, his insights into all aspects of the fight game are unparalleled

Christmas Shutdown
We will be shut 25th December back training the 2nd Jan. There will probably be an open mat session somewhere in the middle, keep an eye on our facebook page for details

Want access to your MMA gym out of hours?

Check out our new back stage pass. $10 a week for unlimited access to the gym including brand new strength and conditioning equipment

Do you want to get exceptionally fit and lean
Our resident sports scientist, Dylan is currently offering 8 week nutrition and workout plans for $15.

October 2014
We are really pleased to announce that Prodigy MMA has had an awesome set of results at the ISKA world champs today.

We are now home to the following world champions:

Damien - Pankration Gold
Harry - Pankration Gold
Alistair - Pankration Gold
Stjohn - Combat Grappling Gold
Tom - Combat Grappling Gold
Honourable mentions for Rowan, Tristram and Clarkie who stepped up and competed well

September 2014
SAMBO competition results
Damien took Gold and Alistair took silver in the SAMBO comp held during September 2014, excellent results from both of them

BJJ competition results
Richard from our Brookvale gym took out gold his open division and silver is his weight division, congratulations from everyone at the gym

August 2014
NSW AMMA competition results
We had two competitors in the NSW Amateur MMA competition on the 17 August 2014. St John fought 4 very hard matches to score silver and Ivan fought 3 matches to score bronze. Congratulations to both of you from all the staff and students at Prodigy MMA. None of these competitions are easy and while very few train, even fewer step up and compete

New Classes
We are pleased to announce two new types of classes
Open Mat on Sundays 10am at Artarmon and 06:15am on Wednesdays at Brookvale. These are an awesome opportunity to work on your skills with a training partner

We are also offering boxing fitness classes at Brookvale on Mon and Wed nights at 6pm. These are great for students and their partners who want to get fit and burn a heap of calories very quickly while learning correct boxing techniques in a fun format. These are quite different to a class you may have done with a personal trainer as our coaches can actually box. Correct techniques reduce the risk of injury and improve the effectiveness of the workout.

Damien wins gold in Sambo
Our favourite striking coach Damien took gold in the Sambo competition held during July 2014
Congratulations from everyone at the Gym

Prodigy takes Gold
Congratulations to Mike Evans who took gold at the Events BJJ July 2014 comp.
We sent one competitor and he bought home gold
Awesome effort for only his second comp

ISKA Comp Results May 2014
Congratulations to everyone who competed on the weekend, results are below

Damien Jeffreys - 1st place Pankration
Joshua Swain - 3rd BJJ
Nick Lowe - 3rd Pankration
Matt Morley - 1st Combat Grappling
StJohn Black - 2nd Combat Grappling
Ivan - 3rd Combat Grappling

We are moving
Our Warriewood gym is moving to Brookvale over the Easter long weekend, same staff, same students, bigger and better facility.
Come down and have a look

New technique videos online
Click here to see our new technique videos

Attention Personal Trainers
We are currently seeking suitably skilled and motivated personal trainers who want to hire space in our gyms. Opportunities exist in our Artarmon and Brookvale locations.
We offer generous rent free/reduced rent terms to allow you to build your client base and our standard rents are well under market.
Please contact us via our "contact us" page for further details
We offer exceptional facilities including onsite parking