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Why do Manly locals love Mixed Martial Arts training

With the UFC exploding into everyones consciousness a large number of Manly locals want to give Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training a go.
The UFC has clearly demonstrated no particular style or series of techniques available to a traditional martial art such as Karate or Tae Kwon Do is enough these days to cater for any unarmed combat situation. This leads to the inevitable question of where should I learn MMA ?
There are a variety of factors that come into play:
 - Is the gym reputable
 - Do its students compete successfully regularly
 - Does the timetable suit your lifestyle
 - Are the fees reasonable 
 - Is the gym interested in improving everyone (as opposed to just the top students)
 - Are the instructors patient and experienced
 - Is the facility clean and hygenic
Prodigy MMA which is located just near Manly can answer yes to all of the above so if you live in Manly and want to start your Mixed Martial Arts journey at the best gym in the area we recommend you make the trip from Manly to Prodigy for a trial class. Our instructors are very welcoming and we are experienced with training people who have no background in Mixed Martial Arts.
We recommend you start your Mixed Martial Arts journey with us so get in touch and organise a trial lesson