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MMA gyms in Sydney

Thousands of people are discovering the training benefits of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in Sydney and one of the best places to train is Prodigy MMA located on the north side of Sydney with gyms in Brookvale and Artarmon. Our students are offered the best facilities where each student has plenty of space to train and are not packed into a tiny room, they have access to free weights, heavy bags, swiss/fitness balls, kettlebells, clubs and a wide variety of other equipment to assist with their training.

The main thing you can gain from training in Sydneys best MMA gym is the quality of the students you have as training partners, MMA is not a sport you get good at by yourself and its critical you have a variety of partners to work with in different shapes/sizes and skill levels Prodigy MMA is one of the few Sydney MMA Gyms that offer a variety of students and coaches all of whom bring their own experiences to training. Whether your goal is simply to get fit, learn some new skills or fight in the UFC we can help you on your way Come down to Sydneys best MMA gym in Broovale and Artarmon