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Training and Nutrition while on holidays


Training and nutritional tips while on holidays


The intake of food over the holidays can consist of high saturated fats, tons of fruit salad and fruitcake, chocolate and lots of alcohol. This is all normal and nothing to concerning, as there are easy ways to combat this. Through this diet extra kg’s in the form of fat can occur. In addition you’re eating more complex carbs such as fruit, vegetable’s and whole grains. This will result in the body storing more glycogen which is a good thing and the reason why you can still go your long days without collapsing. Also the extra weight might just be a combination of the glycogen as well as water accumulation. So during the holidays it is far better to trust the mirror and not the scales.

•    If you’re going to drink try to stay away from foods high it simple sugars. Such as chocolate, fruit cake sweets and other deserts. The alcohol will take up the majority of the anabolic period (digestive state) leaving the ingested food till last. 

•    Water is your best friend during this holiday period; as your cells love it. By keeping well hydrated the cells responsible for digestion and transportation of vital minerals will be working at 100%

•    Watch how much caffeine you’re ingesting after 4pm as this may affect sleep therefore releasing more cortisol.


During the holidays training may suffer as you and the family go away and relax from work which is great but you may also be worried about losing and progress made in your conditioning and/or technique. This is easily fixed as 15-20 mins in the morning of specific high intensity training will easily lower the chance of fat accumulation and will ensure that and progress made throughout the year will not be affected 

•    If you’re worried about putting on fat simply wake up 25-30 mins before breakfast and without eating anything go for either a 20 min power walk or just a steady jog around 45% of your max effort. This is the ideal zone for fat burning and as you haven’t eaten yet the only fuel your body has to use is fat deposits.
•    If you’re worried about losing strength or endurance gains again wake up 25-30 min earlier have a piece of fruit and 1-2 eggs. Find a park and warm up for 5-10 mins then perform 5-7 maximal 50m sprints with a set of push ups to failure straight after then slowly walk back to your mark then go again.  If you don’t have access to a park simply perform all out efforts of high knees for about 10 seconds.
•    If you’re worried about losing technique anytime during the day find about 10-15 mins and just run through the basics. Whether it be roll around the floor for 10 mins or shadow spar. Take a very short break (30 sec) only once.