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Injury Prevention

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Injury prevention, maintenance and cures

Injury is a problem many people face when participation in sport is high. This can be due to external and internal variables. 
The main focus of this article is on injury prevention.

As some peoples daily lives involve office work, studying or manual labour we are increasing the risks of injury during exercise. This is due to the body being pulled out of its natural alignment. 
For e.g. Students and office workers spend a large time slouched over a desk. This causes the muscles in the hips to tighten and the lower back muscles to become weak. Through this process back pain will become present as the natural body alignment now becomes a passive exercise. The lower back muscles are weak but must contract harder and longer to pull the body upright due to tight hip muscles. 

This happens all throughout the body causing injuries that hinder exercise, such as shoulder impingement, headaches and impaired walking patterns. 

All these problems can be easily fixed using a stretch/strengthening process. 
The way this programs works is simple. When the body experiences pain due to the body being out of alignment it is due to 1 muscle/muscle group being too tight and the opposing muscle/muscle group being too weak (hip tightness + lower back weakness= lower back pain).

In order to fix this and bring the body back to its natural alignment we need to strengthen the weak muscles and losing the opposing ones. 

For e.g Shoulder impingement is a massive problem with fighters and weightlifters as they perform a lot of exercises that focus on the chest and anterior deltoids. This causes the chest to tighten and the shoulders to internally rotate, which weakens the posterior deltoid and external rotators of the shoulder. This causes pain when overhead presses are performed as well as punching.

To prevent these weaknesses and pains in the body as well as cure them the stretch/strengthen process should be implemented each day. 

•    To prevent neck pain and headaches, caused by sitting at computers every hour stretch your neck side to side hold for 15 second each side for 3 repetitions each. Stretch until you can just feel a light pressure (NOT PAIN)
•    To prevent lover back pain, caused by sitting at computers twice a day stretch each hip for 30 seconds for 4 repetitions each. Also perform light weight lower back extensor exercises.
•    To begin with shoulder maintenance, 3 times a day stretch each Pectorial for 30 seconds for 4 repetitions each. Perform external rotation exercises 3-4 times a weeks consisting of 4 sets of 12-15 repetitions.