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Learn MMA in Brookvale with Prodigy MMA

Prodigy MMA at Brookvale offers the best trainers, the best facilities, and the best prices in Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts training. We teach only the best combat-tested techniques available, because MMA is our passion. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has dominated the MMA scene since it was introduced in the UFC fighting tournaments, sweeping the competition of it feet and proving a strong ground game is a must. Muay Thai Kickboxing is the most comprehensive and ferocious striking art out there, incorporating knee and elbow strikes with the usual punches and kicks. No striking art is more effective.

That is why we specialise in both of these spectacular combat arts. Prodigy MMA at Brookvale takes the best of both striking and grappling worlds. We will teach you everything from striking, to the clinch, to the floor and back up again. Our instructors are experienced specialists who can actually fight, and they will be passing that experience on to you. We compete often to test ourselves, and we always do well.

Our Brookvale facility is well equipped and available for solo-training at all times. To burn calories quickly, learn discipline and determination, or gain that competitive edge, join Prodigy MMA at Brookvale. MMA is our passion, and we work hard to provide the best experience possible with great atmosphere, convenience, quality facilities, quality instructors, and exceptional value. We train men and women, kids and teens in our unique blend of fitness, sport-fighting and self-defence.