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The Advantage of Learning Mixed Martial Arts in Beacon Hills, Oxford Falls and Allambie Heights

Mixed Martial Arts (or MMA) has been taking the world by storm for quite a few years now, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down. It’s a rewarding sport to both watch and participate in, requiring both physical and mental prowess to master, and anyone who knows what to look for will see an intense game of physical chess when watching a fight. For those who don’t want to want to jump in the cage, MMA still provides a wide variety of other benefits: it’s one of the best full body workouts and will get you in shape much faster than other sports, it gives you confidence and is very therapeutic when you’re training, and it teaches you self-defence skills that you may one day need to protect yourself or your loved ones.

What is MMA?

As the name suggests, mixed martial arts combines two or more disciplines of martial arts to more adequately create a fighting style that will be useful in a wider variety of situations. The two major types of fighting styles that are incorporated are striking and grappling. Striking is what you typically think of when you imagine a fight- the punches and kicks that are delivered when standing. Grappling is all about getting up close and personal- using your whole body to entangle your opponent and force them into submission. It’s not about dealing out punishment but more about control. MMA has been made extremely popular around the world thanks to the UFC, or Ultimate Fighting Championship. MMA fighters wear no protection in a fight other than padded gloves, mouth guards and athletic cups.

Learning MMA

To learn mixed martial arts in Oxford Falls, Beacon Hills, or indeed anywhere else in the world, you have to first train in a striking style and a grappling style. The two most popular styles are Muay Thai for striking and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for grappling. They are learned in conjunction so that a fighter can master how to best combine both styles and know when to strike, when to grapple, and how to do both. MMA trainees can either focus on sparring and facing other trainees in the ring, or they can simply focus on the workout that these martial arts provide.

Learning Mixed Martial Arts in Allambie Heights at Prodigy MMA

Prodigy MMA are the best teachers of MMA in Allambie Heights, Oxford Falls, Beacon Hills, and all of the surrounding areas. Our main trainers have over sixty years of combined experience and focus on providing a safe, fun training atmosphere. We ensure that everybody leaves our classes in the same condition they came in, albeit a little more tired. We work at your pace and your comfort level to help you meet all of your goals when it comes to mixed martial arts in Allambie Heights. Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you!