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Manly BJJ training

A lot of blogs around the world have looked at the various best of breed gyms available and there is one that we think is up there with the best, its Prodigy MMA located a short drive from Manly. Our BJJ training focuses on effective techniques from both a sports and self defence perspective. As we are an MMA gym our training is geared towards real world situations where people may be trying to punch and kick, not just pure BJJ.
This broad base and our focus on high percentage techniques has produced a large number of champions and medal winners in various competitions around the area including national titles. We may even be training people in your local Manly neighborhood.
People start BJJ training for a variety of reasons, our role as your coaches is to ensure your success for your own personal goals and this is one of the many areas that sets us apart from other BJJ gyms located near Manly. We know you by name, not just by a number. We take time to understand your goals, drivers and preferred training styles and we incorporate these into our classes. This is clearly demonstrated if you are stepping up to enter a competition, we will spend some time focusing on your individual strategy, try and close any holes in your game  and ensure you enter confident and ready. 
Once the competition is over we spend time debriefing and correcting any techniques that may not have worked as expected ensuring you are ready to go again.
We are not aware of any other gyms in the Manly area that do this for their students, if you don't want to compete you don't have to, our focus is on you and your BJJ training, not what anyone else thinks is in your best interest. 
We may suggest things that take you out of your comfort zone however its always up to you to take our advice or not.
If you want to get really good at BJJ really quickly and live in the Manly area come and visit us and see what we offer, we are confident you will start or continue your BJJ journey with us.