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Looking to get fit in the Manly area and not sure where to start

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) athletes are amongst some of the fittest on the planet. Its unique requirements for explosive power, endurance and strength whilst having knowledge of a large array of techniques ensures its a unique challenge. Mixed Martial Arts training is comprehensive and features a large variety of possible drills and techniques, whether you just want to become fit or fight in the cage. The best location for Manly locals to learn this amazing sport of Mixed Martial Arts is at Prodigy MMA. 
We are the only gym in the area that has the best overall blend of instructors, structure, knowledge, training partners and equipment to ensure you progress rapidly. We have taken complete novices and made them MMA title holders in less than two years. Manly residents can now leverage the same training and techniques offered to our fighters. We offer a variety of class types to support your Mixed Martial Arts journey including MMA skills, Thai Boxing, Wrestling and Sparring classes to ensure you are ready.
Even if you are not in the best shape at the moment come and visit us for a trial class, we are a short trip from Manly and we will ensure you are well looked after.