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Kids Martial Arts Turns into Martial Arts for Life, at Project MMA in Narraweena, Dee Why and Cromer!

Unlike many kids martial arts schools serving the Narraweena, Dee Why and Cromer areas, Project MMA is actually a full-service martial arts school for all ages. We cater not just towards kids and teens, but also towards adults who want to get in shape or learn self-defence. We even work with athletes who have been studying fighting styles liked Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai for many years. Our top trainers have more than 60 years of professional experience between them, and they are in-demand coaches for fighters looking to compete and the amateur and professional levels.

Martial Arts as a Way of Life

In other words, when you enrol your child at Project MMA's kids martial arts program in Dee Why or Narraweena, you could very well be introducing them to a lifelong passion. At Project MMA, we view martial arts not strictly as an athletic activity, but as a way of life. This viewpoint is beneficial to your children for many reasons.

First of all, because martial arts is both a sport and a way of life, the effects and benefits of Project MMA's kids martial arts programs reach farther than you might initially expect. When you enrol your child with us, he or she will reap the benefits of our program in terms of both health and personal fitness. However, fitness is merely one part of the equation. Kids martial arts also teaches discipline, self-esteem, confidence, conflict resolution, respect and maturity. These are values that can have far-reaching benefits for other aspects of your child's life.

Secondly, by viewing martial arts as a way of life, we at Prodigy MMA don't just view our kids martial arts programs in Cromer or Dee Why as hobbies or after-school activities. Instead, we approach kids martial arts as an introduction into the broader world of martial arts. We want the students in our kids programs to graduate into our teenage programs, and we want our teen students to progress to our adult training programs. We are especially proud when our teenage students decide to take the skills they've learned over the years into a competitive arena—be it amateur or professional.

Book a Spot in Prodigy MMA's Kids Martial Arts Programs in Dee Why, Narraweena or Cromer!

Bottom line, by enrolling your son or daughter in a Prodigy MMA kids martial arts class, you could be starting them on a path that they will follow for years and years to come. There's nothing like instilling new passion in your children, so why not find out if your kids fall in love with martial arts?

If you are interested, contact Prodigy MMA today to arrange a spot for your child in one of our courses! We operate two gyms—one in Artarmon and one in Brookvale—but are always happy to welcome students from anywhere in the Sydney area. Our kids classes are aimed at children between the ages of five and 10 years old while our teen courses are ideal for kids between the ages of 10 and 15. Visit Prodigy MMA on the web to learn more, at