Kids and teenagers have structure and direction at school, but what about outside of it? When the school day ends, are your kids using their time to do homework or participate in sports, or are they watching TV and playing video games? There's nothing wrong with a little play, but studies have shown that kids who participate in extracurricular activities generally perform better at school, and go on to have more success in life.

In other words, there is a lot of value to making sure that your student has structure and challenge in their life outside of work. You can provide it today by signing them up for Kids Martial Arts courses in Brookvale! At Prodigy MMA, we have two locations—one in Artarmon and one in Brookvale—and both offer an array of Teen or Kids Martial Arts courses that can function perfectly as extracurricular activities.

When you send your child to Prodigy MMA, they won't just be playing around and learning a few kick moves. On the contrary – we are very focused on structure and self-improvement in our courses. We do formal grading across all of our classes, which means that we will assess your child's performance in martial arts just as their schoolteachers assess performance in academics.

Not only do the grades encourage kids and teens to work hard towards their improvement, but they also provide a very easy-to-understand gauge of growth. And since our instructors are martial arts experts, your child can take pride in knowing that a top grade represents mastery of a technique or fighting style.

Interested in seeing how Kids Martial Arts classes in Brookvale can help your child grow? Contact Prodigy MMA to sign them up today!