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Amazing kids and teens martial arts for Artarmon locals

Looking to increase your child or teens attention span and improve their school results?
Want to get your kids of the couch and doing something healthy and fun then try our kids and teens martial arts lessons at our Artarmon martial arts school.
At Prodigy MMA in Artarmon we teach a combination of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), wrestling and kickboxing to our students that they love, they learn important life skills like how to manage bullying, how to deal with problems, stress and achieve personal goals all while getting fitter, more flexible and a more positive outlook on life.
We instil a culture of discipline to all our kids and teens doing martial arts at our Artarmon gym and the students really respond to it.
We have a formal grading structure with tests of skills so that the students can see their progress and start to work towards their black belts when they have sufficient experience.
Come down and try a class at Prodigy MMA and see how your kids like training martial arts in Artarmon