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Learn Kickboxing near Willoughby to Burn Calories fast

Prodigy MMA offers the best trainers, the best facilities, and the best prices in Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing to Willoughby. MMA is what we do, and we specialize in an extreme version of kickboxing called Muay Thai. Thailand’s most popular combat sport, its close-quarters elbow and knee techniques make it exhilarating to watch, and brutally effective against an attacker. As its fame spread throughout the world, many also realized what an incredible workout it is. Prodigy MMA is proud to bring Muay Thai Kickboxing to Willoughby students, so they can see for themselves just how effective it really is. 

With over 60 years’ worth of expertise using tried and true circuit training, drills and sparring technique, we will help you punch, kick and elbow smash into a whole new you. At Prodigy MMA, we work hard to provide the best experience possible with great atmosphere, convenience, quality facilities, quality instructors, and exceptional value. We welcome men, women, kids and teens to join our many martial arts programs. 

Our locations at Brookvale and Artarmon are well-stocked, easily reached and always available to our students – perfect for solo training. We provide more than just Kickboxing in Willoughby, we provide the most challenging, encouraging, empowering program around. Our instructors give you the tools, the support, and the expertise to get into the kind of shape you dream of. If you want to burn calories quickly, learn discipline and determination, or gain that competitive edge, join us today!