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Dee Why BJJ Training has locals excited

Looking for the best training available in Dee Why. Come down to Prodigy MMA for the best BJJ training in the Dee Why area. Our gym has a great competition history with a large number of medals and places in various competitions, from amateur BJJ through to Pankration, Sambo and MMA.
Our caring instructors have at least 15 years experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and offer a wealth of knowledge, whether its for self defence, competition or love of the sport we train everyone from absolute beginners through to experienced competitors.
We believe a variety of instructors provides a better outcome for our BJJ students in Dee Why as they learn from a different number of perspectives and can see which techniques suit their body type and personal preferences,
We offer a very structured syllabus which is far beyond what is offered at any other school we have seen and makes sure you have answers and options from any position or situation. So if you live in the Dee Why area and want to learn BJJ come down to Prodigy MMA for a trial class.