Darko Zaric

    A 1st degree BJJ black belt, Darko has been training since 1996 and was first attracted to BJJ and MMA through watching the very early UFC shows

    He was amazed at how Royce Gracie was able to consistently and convincingly beat all of his opponents and thought he would try BJJ

    His first lesson was a massive learning experience where a 100kg plus Darko was forced to tap four times in four minutes to a 55kg Gavin.

    From that moment on he was hooked and has been training 5-6 times a week since that fateful day.

    Darko was awarded his black belt in 2008.

    He has been a trainer at our gym for a number of years as well as running prior schools at Artarmon and North Sydney

    Darko also trains in MMA and Thai Boxing to round out his skill set and has an annual trek to Thailand to work on his Muay Thai

    Darko has competed in BJJ tournaments at every level coming 2nd as a brown belt and 1st as a black belt in the Machado Nationals

    He has also competed in Pankration

    Darko loves instructing and passing on his knowledge of the sport to others

    Darko has also won our most handsome instructor award for the last 4 years running

    Damien Jeffreys

    Damien holds a brown belt in BJJ and black belt in Muay Thai

    Prior to starting down the MMA path he studied traditional martial arts (Ninjistu and Karate) for 7 years

    Damien makes regular trips to Thailand to improve his stand up skills

    Damiens students appreciate his detailed explanations and ability to provide instruction in multiple disciplines including MMA, BJJ and Thai Boxing

    Tim Bowden

    Tim has years of BJJ and striking experience. He is one of the most technical instructors around

    Tim has been training in various Martial Arts since age 12

    He was awarded a junior/teen black belt in Ninjitsu at age 16 and then went on to study To Mie Yun Kung Fu for the next 15 years. For 10 of these years he was an instructor

    During this time he also dabbled in Kendo and spent 5 years studying Chi Gong Chinese Yoga

    Although only officially training in BJJ /MMA and Thai Boxing for a relatively short period (since 2009) his rapid rise is due to his exceptional work ethic, background and talents. Most people train 2-4 classes per week, Tim does at least 10

    Tim originally used to compete in BMX as a kid when an accident at age 10 saw him out of action for a while

    During this time he became involved in Martial Arts for its strength and conditioning benefits

    Tim see's MMA as a lifestyle and he plans to continue training for the rest of his life

    Tim really enjoys teaching and sharing techniques with others

    Dylan Furey

    Dylan is our resident sport scientist who provides specialist training and advice in the areas of strength and conditioning and nutrition

    Dylan is our resident sports scientist who has completed his third year of a Bachelor of exercise and Sport Science
    He also has the following qualifications:
    Cert III & IV in fitness and health
    He has completed 200 hours of experience with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist working with both amateur and professional athletes as well as former Olympians.
    This involved exercise testing and performance enhancing as well as well as treating acute injuries to the knee, back and neck.
    He also has over 5 years experience of body sculpting and applied strength and condition for a number of sports
    Dylan has also studied a number of martial arts including boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai and MMA

    We use Dylan's expertise a lot internally to focus on both our competitive athletes and general members strength, conditioning and nutrition.
    Dylan has been instrumental in improving the conditioning of our members ensuring that the training is relevant to the sports we participate in as well as being interesting and fun.
    With Dylan's expertise we are one of the few gyms that can offer tailored 6 and 12 week conditioning and nutrition programmes for a very token fee, as well as specialist monitoring and assessment services such as body fat measurements.

    If you are serious about your training we recommend you approach him for advice.