Experience Matters

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The Prodigy MMA Difference

Prodigy MMA offers martial arts training to anyone from age 4 to 80.
Whatever shape you are in we can improve your conditioning, self defence skills and improve your weight management.
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If you look below you can see the Prodigy difference

Experience:   We are Sydneys first MMA school, running for over 18 years. We were training MMA before it was called MMA. We are not simply a tae kwon do or karate school that has suddenly decided to be an MMA school
Expertise:   We have more legitimate black belts and internationally experienced practitioners than anyone else. Our head coach is a 2nd degree BJJ black belt and is regularly training students. Beware of people claiming to be black belts in MMA, MMA does not have a recognised grading system. Other schools with a purple or lower grade as the head coach generally dont have the expertise to train you safely and correctly
Facilities:   If it's needed for quality MMA training we have it. Padded floors, walls, cage panels, boxing ring, kick shields, pads, strength and conditioning equipment. We have it all
Value for Money:   For a weeks free trial Click here, Our memberships are exceptional value for money and are cheaper than anyone else
Variety:   With three locations and about 80 classes per week we should have something to suit you
Flexibility:   Unlike other gyms your membership entitles you to attend any class, not just one style
Covenience:   Unlike other gyms, there is no need to pre book into a class, simply show up
Students First:   Our focus is always on you, we keep our class sizes to under 16 students to ensure you receive one on one time with the instructor. Other schools may have up to 40 students in a class
Train Safe:   Our instructors are diligent in ensuring your safety, while drilling techniques and also while sparring or rolling. Our kids instructors have all passed police and dept of community services checks. If there is a drill you dont want to do, or someone you dont want to train with you dont have to. Work at your own pace to your own capabilites. Students who cannot control themselves are asked to leave
Minimal Committment:   Our membership contract is only for 3 months, most other schools make you sign up for 12 months
Friendly:   Our staff and other students are all friendly and will take time to ensure you are comfortable with your training. Unlike some schools we do not paint your fingernails if they are to long

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Training Offered

At Prodigy we offer a wide variety of classes including;

Our Thai Boxing/Muay Thai/Kick Boxing classes are one of the best ways to improve your fitness and cardio.You will also improve your striking and self defence skills.

Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) classes will provide you with the skills required to take opponents to the ground and control them once there. You will learn skills such as arm locks, foot locks, chokes and other finishes required to safely control and submit your opponent.

Our Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) classes combine the striking of Muay Thai, the takedowns and controls of wrestling and the ground controls of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu providing a complete and comprehensive self defence system, as well as being the fastest growing sport on the planet.

Our Kids and Teens Jiu Jitsu classes provide a safe and fun environment for your child to learn how to defend themselves against people on the street , as well as the skills to manage bullies and other critical life skills.

Our Strength and Conditioning classes focus on the exercises required to improve physical strength, cardio vascular endurance and flexibility required to compete at the highest levels.

Our Wrestling classes are focused on wrestling as it applies to MMA and focuses heavily on takedowns, controlling your opponent and conditioning.

Our Arnis classes focus on weapons, both using weapons and defending against them. We use everyday items such as knives and sticks. We also teach defence against opponents armed with anything from bare hands to a firearm.