Tim Bowden  

Tim has been training in various Martial Arts since age 12

He was awarded a junior/teen black belt in Ninjitsu at age 16 and then went on to study To Mie Yun Kung Fu for the next 15 years. For 10 of these years he was an instructor

During this time he also dabbled in Kendo and spent 5 years studying Chi Gong Chinese Yoga

Although only officially training in BJJ /MMA and Thai Boxing for a relatively short period (since 2009) his rapid rise is due to his exceptional work ethic, background and talents. Most people train 2-4 classes per week, Tim does at least 10

Tim originally used to compete in BMX as a kid when an accident at age 10 saw him out of action for a while

During this time he became involved in Martial Arts for its strength and conditioning benefits

Tim see's MMA as a lifestyle and he plans to continue training for the rest of his life

Tim really enjoys teaching and sharing techniques with others