Hi Guys,
There are a few changes afoot so I thought I would update you all

The quick version
1) Warriewood is moving to Brookvale
2) Easter trading. We are shut (Artarmon and Warriewood) over the easter long weekend
3) We are registering with the IBJJF to compete and grade under our own name
4) Next BJJ comp is on the 10th May
5) Next Pankration/MMA/BJJ/Sumo/Extreme musical weapons comp is on the 25th May

The not so quick version
1) We move to Brookvale next week over the Easter long weekend. Our new address will be unit M 134 Old Pittwater Rd. You access it via the ramp on the left hand side of the complex, go up about 10 metres and follow the staircase down. The sign currently says Bean Media or something similar. We will change this when we get a chance. Any volunteers to help are more than welcome.

2) Last training before Easter will be Thursday night, back Tuesday night.

3) As part of our move to Brookvale we are becoming an independent gym from our old affiliation. The only change is that you will now select Prodigy MMA as the team when you enter competitions and we keep our own points tally rather than being rolled up with a number of other schools, It allows us to focus more on you guys and deliver what you need from your training. All your existing grading's are still very valid and we are in the process of registering ourselves with IBJJF to allow us to compete under our own banner. This also keeps us consistent with how we register for comps such as ISKA, Sambo and Pankration.

4) The next BJJ comp is the Triple Bull which will be held in Wollongong on the 10th May. If we haven't got our paperwork sorted out you may need to enter as "Other Club"

5) The next decathlon of Martial Arts events is the ISKA comp on the 25th May at Lidcombe. There are several variants of MMA on offer, as well as BJJ. To enter you dont need to be preregistered with IBJJF, just simply enter.