Hi Guys,

For those who haven't heard we are moving our Warriewood gym to Brookvale. The owner of our current building has sold the premises and he gave us the official notification early last week. We have managed to secure bigger and better premises in Brookvale for you to continue your training in.

We have increased our space significantly and will be able to provide you all a better facility with more toys to play with.

We have prepared a quick FAQ below:

1) Why are you moving?
The building has been sold and the new owner wants it empty
2) Whats your new address?
We will confirm this once the lease has been signed and all the legals taken care of however it will be very easy to find.
3) What happens to my Warriewood membership?
All memberships will continue as is. Pricing and other details will remain the same.
4) Brookvale is to far for me to train.
We are hoping everyone will come with us however we are realistic and realise that it may be to far for some of you. Please talk to Tim or one of the other instructors about your options. For those of you who travel from the city its now easier to make 6pm classes
5) What date are you moving?
We are looking at moving over the Easter weekend with last day at Warriewood being Thursday night training. We will re open on the Tuesday as this is the next day that isn't a public holiday
6) What are the new facilities like?
We will move all the current equipment at Warriewood, In addition the new location has a zen garden, shower, more toilets and a dishwasher. Over time we all add more mats and/or other equipment once we finalise the new layout.
7) Is there anything I can do to help?
If you have some time to volunteer to help us move we would be grateful, speak to Tim about what times you have available.