Hi Guys,

We have had quite a few people changing/cancelling memberships without much notice and then requesting refunds/etc. Our terms and conditions of trade require 28 days notification of changes. This is also posted on the walls of the gym and the forms signed to vary membership. This is a legally binding contractual term you enter into when you join the gym.

Although we can generally process changes pretty quickly please bear in mind that these changes are generally only processed once per week so if you hand in the forms after this day it may not get done in time and the billing system will charge you.

We are not overly resourced in the admin area and to keep our prices cheap for you all we have to make some compromises in the level of service we offer.

This requirement has been in place for four years, its explained to everyone when they sign up or when they make an enquiry about changing membership and repeated ad nauseum by myself and the other instructors

Please don't come back to us asking for refunds if you haven't complied with our request as it will be refused.

This may seem harsh however we run a very low margin business and I am sure you would be somewhat cranky if we doubled your fees to pay for more admin staff.

We need to have a bit of give and take with you all and we are very upfront about what level of service we can offer so please bear this in mind if you are planning holidays, etc.