Hi Guys,

We have a few things to announce so please read below:

Open mat
The open mat at Artarmon is back on and St John is keen to show off all his fancy moves he learnt overseas, Come along and see what all the fuss is about.
This is one of the best ways to get really really good really really quickly.
If you don't want to roll for the full hour come along and drill some techniques

BJJ class at Artarmon is moving time
Our resident takedown specialist Warren has moved his class from Tuesday nights to Thursday nights at 7pm. Its not all throws and is now run as a standard BJJ lesson with a few throws added for fun
Come along and give it a go. The online timetable will be updated when I get a chance

Urban fight night
We are pleased to put forward 4 of our fighters for this card in June
St John and Tom from Artarmon, Harry and Ivan from Brookvale will all be competing and we are sure they will do us proud. Do your bit to help them out by pushing them in training so they can perform at their best
Make sure you buy tickets, its a well run show and its a great opportunity to support the local MMA scene

New prices
We are changing our fees slightly, Please check the prices page for the new prices. These will come in progressively from 1st June
Adults basic - was $16.50 per week now $17
Adults twice/week was $26 per week now $27
Adults three/week was $31 per week now $33
Adults unlimited was $35 per week now $37
Kids basic was $13 per week now $14
Kids twice/week was $22.50 per week now $24
As you can see most of the increases are a dollar or so and help us keep the gym running. If you want the fees kept low bring a friend, the more members we have the cheaper we can keep the fees.

Grading Results May 2015
We had a heap of people grade over the last week and its great to see the level of skill in the gym improving. Notable grades were Ivan and Harry from Brookvale receiving their blue belts

New article on injury prevention
Dylan has written a new article on injury prevention, have a read of it here
Get in touch with him for specific plans for your situation, we can pass on his details as required.

That's all for now, keep training and remember the gym is only as good as its students so keep showing up to training and bring your friends (or even random people you meet at the supermarket