Looking for a great activity to keep your child active and engaged? Look no further than Prodigy MMA's classes for Kids Martial Arts. Learning and practicing martial arts is something that has many benefits for kids. Not only will it keep them active and in shape, but it will also improve their focus, their confidence and their self-control—all things that will result in positive growth in all areas of their lives.

Our kids and teens classes are also a great place for your child to meet new friends, and to gain new levels of respect for teachers. When practicing martial arts, students and instructors collaborate together and work towards reaching a single goal – the betterment of the student's strength, ability and discipline. This collaborative atmosphere helps kids respect their instructors and value their insight—which in turn builds maturity overall.

As for friends, students at Prodigy MMA train together to learn and master martial arts techniques. At Prodigy, it is a point of pride that our students stay friends years after meeting one another in class. We've seen this phenomenon with both our kids and adult classes, and it's one of the most rewarding facets of what we do.

As we hope you will see, there is huge value in enrolling your child in martial arts classes, and it goes beyond simple fitness and self-defence. So contact Prodigy MMA today, and sign your child up for a Kids Martial Arts class in Artarmon. We hope it will the start of a new lifelong passion for your son or daughter!

Kids Jiu Jitsu
Our kids classes are aimed at 5-10 year olds and teach your child self defence skills in a safe and fun environment. We also play a lot of learning type games to assist with your child's development, teach them mutual respect and discipline. Your child will also learn life skills such as conflict resolution, dealing with bullying and stress management.

The kids absolutely love our classes and would train every day if they were allowed, our self defence evolves around a childs natural wrestling instincts with specific additional techniques taught to complement this.

More importantly we teach how to avoid confrontation in the first place

Teens Jiu Jitsu
These classes are aimed at 10-15 year olds and cover self defence as well as BJJ techniques. These classes are a little more formal than the kids classes however they still provide similiar life skills as well as an introduction to more advanced techniques.

Kids Class 1