Grapplers Gold 2013 tournament and FAQ

This tournament is unique in Australia as its a maximum of 32 competitors, submission only victory with a trophy containing a 1 ounce block of solid gold up for grabs.
To enter you need to apply via our form on the website. We will assess all of the entries and pick who we think are the best.

Its open to all grapplers, whether from a BJJ, Judo, Sambo, Wrestling or other background

We are running this tournament to try and find Australia's best grappler. If you think you are it then feel free to apply

Gold Bar Front   Gold Bar Back  Gold In Hand

Tournament format
The tournament is 32 person eliminator. Once eliminated you are out of the tournament. No more than 32 competitors will be allowed to enter

The tournament is no-gi, competitors are required to wear shorts and rash shirt as per IBJJF rules

1st prize consists of a trophy containing one ounce of 99.9% pure gold as a solid block. This is certified by the Perth Mint Australia and is the genuine article. Its probably the only trophy in the world that increases in value over time.
You also win eternal glory.
No other prizes will be awarded

Why such an unusual prize
We thought it would be different and a bit more interesting than another gi or normal trophy. Not many people get the opportunity to have a solid lump of gold sitting on their mantle piece.

Its not very big
Its gold so its very heavy for its size, have a look at the market value and you will see steady increases over time, its still worth a fair amount of money

Entry Fee
All competitors will be required to pay the $95 entry fee at least one week prior to the tournament date. Failure to pay on time will result in your position being allocated to someone else

Tournament Date
The tournament date is Sunday 24th November starting at 09:30AM

Tournament Location
The tournament location is Sydney Olympic Park Sports halls Homebush Sydney NSW
We are in the North Hall which looks a bit like a circus tent.
The street location is the corner of Grand Parade and Olympic Boulevard at Sydney Olympic Park Homebush.
Go through the front door of the sports halls, turn right, then left and follow the long corridor to the end of the hallway, exit the building and you will see the North Hall as a separate building
A map of the area is here

There is a single open weight open belt division, it is open to both men and women.
No other divisions will be run

All rules are the same as IBJJF no gi rules for black belt with any exceptions noted on this page
Please refer to for the basic rules

The only way to progress in the tournament is via submission victory. If neither competitor in a match completes a submission then neither advance to the next round.
You can still lose via disqualification as per IBJJF rules.

Time Limits
Each match is 10 minutes long except for the final. The final is 20 minutes.
In the event there is no victor after the final is complete then a majority decision by three officials (including the match referee) will be used to determine the final victor

Take downs and throws
All take downs are to be performed in such a way as to not injure opponent (no take downs designed to wind or otherwise damage opponent)
Take downs can be executed at speed however they must be slowed prior to impact.

No points are allocated or recorded during this tournament, a submission is the sole criteria for victory

The referee's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into

No spectators are permitted. This is to ensure that competitors can focus on their matches

No filming or taking of photos is permitted in any form. Repeat offenders will be removed from the premises. The competitor that that filmer is supporting may be disqualified and removed from the premises. The organisers will be filming each match and all footage taken will be made available for viewing via the Internet after the tournament is complete. We will provide links so that you can watch it at your leisure.
Please dont even try and film , it wont be allowed.
The matches will be shot from a variety of angles and will be provided free of charge after the event.
Sit back , relax and enjoy the matches

Support crew
Each competitor may bring a maximum of two people as a training partner, coach, cheer squad. Additional people will be denied entry

National Ranking
This tournament does not contribute to your national ranking, we are not operating under the ABJJF banner.

Any of the public areas should be available for parking, we do not know if any other events are on at the moment so I suggest you get there early. Parking requires payment, check the signs for the car park you are in

The nearest places to eat are McDonalds and Subway which are a 5 minute walk away and there is a Gatorade machine nearby. If you want something a bit healthier you may want to bring it yourself

Selection criteria
As there are only 32 spots available we will be taking applications up until approximately 2 weeks away from the tournament. We will decide who is best on paper based on the information you supply. We will then invite these applicants to compete , at which time they will need to pay the entry fee. Once we have made our decision no further appeals or correspondence will be entered into.
You must be an Australian resident or citizen to enter and proof of residency will be required.
You must also agree to our rules and terms and conditions of trade.

If you are want to enter use the link below to apply

Click here to apply for the tournament