Hi Guys,

Prodigy is proud to announce Australias most unique grappling tournament called Grapplers Gold
1st prize is 1oz of gold and its limited to 32 competitors
Its no gi and victory is by submission only

Its being held on Sunday the 24th of November at Homebush and we are after some volunteers who can help out , specifically a couple of general dogs bodies and about 6 - 8 people who are willing to bring a hi def video camera and film the matches for a couple of hours.

There are only 31 matches in total however we want to film each one from a few angles to make available to the wider community

Please let us know if you can help out , we basically want to rotate the camera people through so they are filming for about half an hour and then get a break so they can watch some matches and then film some more.

This tournament is also open to anyone from any grappling background and details are here
Click here for Grappler's Gold information

Tim has also knocked up a flyer here
Click here for the Grappler's Gold flyer