Hi Guys,
As many of you are personal trainers the following may be of interest to you.

To assist Personal Trainers to meet their CEC requirements of 20 hours every 2 years Langes has decided to develop some MMA specific courses to help you out.

Our first one is the MMA Fit Mitt Master course.

This course is aimed at personal trainers and will teach you basic MMA boxing/striking skills with a heavy emphasis on safety and working with inexperienced clients.

Its currently being assessed by Fitness Australia and should have approval in a couple of months.

The instructors will be Langes MMA instructors so you can be assured of quality training, in addition there is a 190 page manual and a DVD covering the material so you can refresh yourselves on any content you forget.

It should count for 7 CEC credits and cost around $200 ex GST, however there will be a discount for Langes MMA members.

In addition we are currently actively seeking any personal trainers who are interested in leasing access to either the Warriewood or Artarmon gym. This will be on a similar basis as a personal trainer operating out of fitness first, etc whereby you get good levels of access to the gym to train your own clients. As winter is upon us and its been bucketing down for quite some time it may be timely to take a look at this.

We will keep you posted however if you have any specific queries please let me know.

Feel free to pass on this information to your industry peers.

Full course details are below;

Course Name:
MMA Fit Mitt Master

Course Duration:
I day

CEC Credits:
This course is worth 7 CEC credits

This course costs $200 exclusive of GST and requires payment at booking time

This course is run regularly, please check www.langes-mma.com for times and locations

There are no prerequisites for this course, it assumes minimal knowledge

Course Overview/Aims:
This intensive one day course has been developed to ensure that personal trainers and other practitioners in the fitness industry have access to leading edge quality training that is relevant to their career. It has been developed by professional MMA trainers to ensure that you can teach how to punch correctly and safely while providing an exceptional workout for your clients.

MMA is the fastest growing sport on the planet and has an excellent reputation for turning out exceptionally well- conditioned athletes

If you have clients wanting to learn how to strike (boxing) from a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) perspective then this course is for you.

Learning Outcomes:
At the completion of this course you will be able to provide safe and technically correct instruction to your clients in the following areas;

• MMA overview and history
• The components of MMA
• The importance of striking in MMA
• Safety first, issues and risks with teaching MMA striking
• Gloves and wraps overview
• Orthodox or Southpaw
• Warm ups for striking
• Stance
• Footwork
• Punching Technique
• Knockouts
• The Jab
• The Cross
• The lead hook
• The rear hand hook
• The rear overhand
• The lead uppercut
• The rear uppercut
• The lead body rip
• The rear body rip
• The slip
• The cover
• Shadow Boxing
• Working with pads overview
• Working with focus mitts
• Working with Thai pads
• Drilling combinations
• Cool downs for striking

The course includes a certificate of completion after you have passed a theory and a practical assessment