Hi Guys,

Over the years quite a few people have asked me my opinion on nutritional supplements and my typical response has been they are a waste of money for people training at our level , if you have an even halfway decent diet then supplements offer little value and are expensive

For those who are unaware one of my first jobs was at the Academy of Sport working with elite level athletes (state level through to Olympic) doing performance assessments. Although I am not a nutritionist or a sports scientist I did used to work with several of them and also with Olympic level coaches in track, field and swimming. They were pretty much of the same opinion and they still only make sense for people like body builders and swimmers who use ridiculous amounts of energy (ie if you are eating a whole chicken every two hours then supplements have some value)

Turns out this is not only my opinion but someone slightly more qualified has raised the same issue in the Telegraph this morning.

Have a read at the link below

BTW a lot of "highly" qualified personal trainers (ie those who have done a 2 week course and now know everything) love supplements as they believe the hype sold to them by companies, if you do think you need them, book an appointment with a nutritionist and/or a sports scientist rather than listen to a personal trainer who may not have a lot of real knowledge in this area.

With the general push for whole unprocessed foods in diets most of the performance supplements are clearly contrary to this pattern.

If the above doesn't make you think google the placebo effect as this is what most of these things are

There was a poster that popped up on facebook the other day that was pretty accurate , it was something along the lines of "If your food can rot and go off eat it, otherwise dont"

Spend the money you save on a banana, its a lot better for you