As we head towards to Christmas I thought it might be worth letting everyone know what has gone on behind the scenes and what the gym has achieved as a group.

We culled a lot of things this year that were not helping our students or ourselves and we have had quite a few of you comment how much things have improved so thank you for your feedback.

We started our new purpose built MMA gym in Brookvale and opened for business around mid April. We were flattered by the number of students who moved with us from Warriewood. This has also allowed us to welcome many new members who are now enjoying our approach to MMA, BJJ and Thai Boxing.

It took Tim, myself, Darko and Damien the best part of 5 months to complete and is now the best equipped and staffed MMA gym in Brookvale and its surrounding suburbs such as Manly, Narraweena, Dee Why and the like. Many of these new members have come from other schools and seem to prefer how we do things which is about the best endorsement we can ask for

We added strength and conditioning equipment into both our Artarmon and Brookvale gyms allowing our members to train after hours which is pretty unique for MMA gyms in the area

We turned 5 years old in September with the opening of the first purpose built MMA gym in Warriewood with a simple vision, provide the best learning environment we can for our students providing good facilities and more importantly instructors who are passionate and determined to help our students reach their goals

We competed a lot and we competed well. Multiple gold and 5 ISKA world champions in various competitions including BJJ, Thai Boxing sparring days, AMMA MMA competition days, Combat Grappling, Sambo, Pankration to mention a few. Next year it gets even better with a few of our guys getting ready to step into the cage. This is really the litmus test of a gym, how do you compete against others, clearly we are doing something right to get these results.

We bought our very own sports scientist into the fold with Dylan helping out with Strength and Conditioning in classes and developing healthy eating programmes and training plans for some of our students.

We had two members of our competition team sponsored by Elevate Total Fitness to improve their strength and conditioning, which helped them immensely in competition

We had Christie helping out with our Thai boxing classes at Brookvale, few if any gyms in Sydney have female Thai Boxing coaches of her calibre.

We had two of our students step up and start coaching, Warren creating a takedown class to help the gym with their stand up grappling skills and Dan from Brookvale taking our fitness boxing classes and the early morning open mat sessions

We started two new types of classes, open mat where you can simply come and train till you are buggered and fitness boxing as an introductory fitness focused class to appeal to a wider group

We developed an entirely new syllabus from scratch to ensure that anyone who grades in our gym has the confidence to know they have a well rounded set of skills at their disposal. We believe it is the best BJJ/MMA/Thai Syllabus available anywhere. We reviewed what a lot of other schools were doing and many weren't particularly well structured or coherent and we believe this is a key component in the gyms success. We shot hours and hours and hours of video so that you can improve your skills while at home and assist you in preparing for gradings. A big thanks to Tim for his editing and Damien/Darko for their assistance in what turned out to be about 20 - 30 solid days work.

We turned out our first home grown purple belts in Warren and Dan. Anyone who has rolled with them knows they are a handful

We turned out multiple blues and watched the overall skill level in the gym improve significantly, especially amongst the regulars at our Friday sparring sessions.

As summer warms up I am also reminded both our gyms have air conditioning (unlike most others)

Its been hectic and insanely rewarding for myself and the coaching staff to see the range of students we work with and to see you all improve from complete novices right through to winning multiple tournaments.

Thanks to all of our students for showing up, its you who keep the coaching staff focused and enthusiastic

If you know anyone else who might enjoy training please let them know about us, we are only as good as our students

Keep training