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Awesome Muay Thai classes in Brookvale

Muay Thai or Kickboxing as its more commonly known is also called the science of 8 limbs as it combines the use of punches, kick, knees and elbows with devastating consequences and is the considered the premier striking art taught today.

If you want to learn this martial art we recommend you come down to our dedicated Kickboxing gym located in Brookvale, at Prodigy MMA we offer the best training facility, best coaches and best prices around. Our trainers all have a wealth of experience due to years of training as well as multiple trips to Thailand to improves their skills, they utilise their enthusiasm and passion for the sport to pass their skills onto our students. Our students regularly compete in local sparring days and other competitions including MMA fights where we have had great success. For those just looking for fitness and improved self defence we offer an exceptionally challenging workout where you can train at your own pace, you will be amazed at how rapidly your fitness and conditioning improve even after just a few weeks training Muay Thai at Prodigy MMA.

We offer trial classes so that you can simply jump straight in and give it a go, most people know after a single class if the sport is right for them and can then join and start training regularly We provide most of the equipment needed to learn Muay Thai included thai pads, kick shields, focus mitts, heavy bags and a large boxing ring to hone your ringcraft. All classes are trained barefoot on a fully padded floor to ensure that all of your joints such as ankles and knees are looked after and reduce injuries. Prodigy MMA offers a very positive vibe in our gym with constant encouragement to help you realise your goals Come down to our kickboxing gym in Brookvale today and give it a go