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BJJ training for Dee Why locals

Come and train at the home of champions, Prodigy MMA offers BJJ students of Dee Why a welcoming environment whether new students or a veteran of a thousand battles. We can take your training through from white belt to black belt and beyond. If your located in the Dee Why area and want to earn a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu there are no better places to learn in the Dee Why area than Prodigy MMA.
If you just want to get fit, lose a bit of weight, maybe compete or become a world champion come down to Prodigy MMA for a trial lesson. We are a short trip from Dee Why, offer plenty of easy parking and facilities that are second to none.
Our instructors have a wealth of experience with at least 15 years each in Martial Arts. This means you receive the quality instruction you deserve.
Our gyms are easy to find, offer easy parking and a very welcoming environment. We have multiple title holders in the gym for you to train with in a variety of grappling related sports such as MMA, Pankration, Sambo and Submission Wrestling.