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Want To Learn BJJ In Narraweena, Dee Why, Or Cromer? Visit Prodigy MMA

For quality, affordable training in BJJ in Narraweena, visit Prodigy MMA, the area’s best mixed martial arts training facility. The gym has two locations – Artarmon and Brookvale – and offers those who wish to learn the best trainers, the best facilities, and the best prices around. With experienced instructors and facilities, unlike the competition, Prodigy MMA continues to gain a reputation for excellence. Students enjoy not only the training, but also the atmosphere, the social aspect, and the overall culture that is promoted at the gym. If you live in Narraweena, Dee Why, Cromer, or any North Brisbane suburb, Prodigy MMA is the place to go to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

What Exactly Is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or BJJ, is a martial art developed by the Gracie family of Brazil. The family developed the martial art as a means for smaller opponents to defeat those who are much larger. In the 1990s, the Gracie’s proved time and again that their style could consistently defeat much larger opponents. As a result, the style grew in popularity throughout the world. Now, students can participate and learn the various techniques in gyms everywhere. Training is primarily done with another resisting partner and is very realistic. It is also a great physical workout and students usually do not realise how hard they are working while training. Prodigy MMA offers many BJJ classes for women, men, and kids across all age levels and fitness levels.

BJJ In Dee Why At Prodigy MMA

If you really want to learn BJJ from the best, become a member at Prodigy MMA. The thing that separates the gym from its competitors is the experience of its trainers. The instructors have over 60 combined years of experience in teaching martial arts. They are diligent in making sure that students are safe and that they receive the one-on-one training they need. The focus is always on the student as is evidenced by the small class sizes. Prodigy MMA keeps classes at under 16 students to make sure everyone gets individual attention.

The atmosphere at the gym is another reason people choose Prodigy MMA. Most students will continue training at the gym for many years. There is an element of camaraderie and a real social aspect. Students receive support from instructors as well as other students. Many students become lifelong friends with others they have met at Prodigy MMA. It is not just about training in BJJ in Cromer. It is much more.

Flexibility is another key element at Prodigy MMA. Members have the ability to create their own schedules. With two facilities and over 40 classes offered each week, members can pick and choose and find something that meets their needs. Members are not tied to one style either. You may want a BJJ class one week and then a Muay Thai class the next. That is completely acceptable. Flexibility, instructor experience, top notch facilities, and much more are what makes Prodigy MMA the choice for BJJ in Narraweena, Dee Why, and Cromer. To learn more, visit the gym online at or call (02) 8004 5144.