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BJJ training locations near Manly

Live in Manly, want to start BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) and want to train somewhere awesome ?

BJJ lessons are available at Prodigy MMA and Manly residents are loving them, we offer the most welcoming atmosphere in the area with unmatched facilities , an extremely experienced coaching staff and great training partners.
One of the most overlooked aspects of BJJ training is not just the coaches, success in BJJ is also very dependent on the quality of your training partners and this is an area Prodigy MMA excels in, we have a very down to earth attitude and  a very strict "no idiots" policy.
If you have ever trained in  other gyms there is usually at least one guy and sometimes an entire gym of them who are out to crush and intimidate the new guy. That doesn't happen at Prodigy MMA, most of these types of personalities work out pretty quickly that this attitude and approach to training is not welcome, for those who cannot work it out for themselves we ask them to leave.

BJJ is hard enough, there are enough gyms in the Manly area that you now have more of a choice than you did 20 years ago so why put up with it ?
We ensure you are well looked after, train hard and train smart so that you can keep returning to training. If you are returning to training after an injury we specifically ensure the class knows and we will advise whether particular drills are appropriate or not 

So you live in Manly, there are a few places around , you have the choice, we recommend that if you want to get great at BJJ you need to focus on more than just the facility, its the sum total of the offering and we believe Prodigy MMA is certainly the best in the area. Come and give us a try