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Looking for the best Muay Thai Kickboxing training in the Manly Area

Prodigy MMA offers the best training available to Manly residents in our custom designed gym located a short drive away in Brookvale. Our trainers have a wealth of Muay Thai Kickboxing experience and love sharing their knowledge and love of the sport with their students. We have had many Manly residents come and train with us and the feedback is always good, the best trainers, the best location and the best facilities.

Our Manly adjacent Muay Thai Kickboxing gym includes a ring, padded floors and walls, thai pads, heavy bage, head gear, focus mitts and any other pieces of equipment you need to improve your skills. Our students are very welcoming of new people and will also help to make you feel comfortable. If you want to push yourself a little bit more you can attend our regular Muay Thai Kickboxing sparring sessions and test your mettle. You also have the opportunity to participate in sparring days at other gyms so you can gauge your progress and if you want to compete in Muay Thai Kickboxing and represent our Brookvale gym we can get you onto the big shows under the spotlight.
If you live or work in Manly and are looking for the best training experience in Muay Thai Kickboxing in the area come and take a look at our Brookvale facility, you wont find a better environment.