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Thai Boxing

Want to get fit really fast and learn ring tested combat skills ?

OurMuay Thai Kickboxing classes offer one of the best ways to learn this art. Our trainers have all head years of experience with most of them training in Thailand multiple times to improve their skills.
The proof of a gym is in its competition record and every time our students attend sparring days at other gyms they always do well and provide positive role models for the community.
Part of this is the unmatched facilities in our gyms, we have a large sized fully padded ring, speed balls, floor to ceiling balls, heavy bags, uppercut bags, thai pads, kickshields and anything else you need to get skilled in this style.
The main difference between us and other gyms is the quality of our staff and students, we put safety first to ensure that you go home in the same condition you arrived (although somewhat more tired), if you dont want to spar you dont have to, if you want to get really skilled and fight in the cage we can take you there. Come and join the best Muay Thai Kickboxing gym, you'll love it